Termites inspection and treatment services, pre-construction termite protection, physical and chemical termites barriers in Doncaster area.
Our termite control and removal includes: Complete evaluation and inspection, Full treatment of infested areas, Treatment of your foundation, Pre-treatment for new construction.

 Termites Protection in Doncaster


Our experts in Doncaster are accredited and qualified to install both physical and chemical termites control barriers including Biflex Aqua Max and HomeGuard. Part A & Part b can be either physical or chemical treatment before concreting is done. The HomeGuard system repels, kills and blocks foraging subterranean termites and provides an ongoing protective barrier to the property.

 Termites Treatment in Doncaster


Best Termites Control team in Doncaster uses the best available termites control products for pre-construction termites protection or homes termites control. We are qualified to use and install Termidor products. Our treatments are safe for human and pets , all product we use are natural base products approved and certified to be used in homes by the health department.

 Termites Inspection in Doncaster


Doncaster pest Control's technicians are well equipped with the latest highest quality instruments like Thermal Imaging Cameras and Moisture Maters to help them find termite infestation without physically damaging building structures , diagnose any termite infestation issues, and prepare and submit a comprehensive Termite treatment program.

About us

Best Termites Control is family owned and managed Australian company. We are specialised in termite treatment and control works. We are accredited registered installers of HomeGuard Termite Barrier. All our technicians are highly qualified, trained and licenced. With the accreditation we have as Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association Accredited Timber Pest Inspectors, we have the confidence and ability to execute any termite inspection, control and treatment jobs. We have prompt service and we respect our appointment to 100%. Substances we use for termite Management systems are deemed to be environmentally friendly, biodegradable and registered for use in Victoria, and as per AS 3660-2000.

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The owner has worked 20 years in the building industry and technicians have 10 years combined experience in termite work, so they understand termite control needs of builders / owners. Accredited to install HomeGuard physical barrier to slabs and subfloors. Best Termites Control technicians are trained and in state certified, so no more worrying about termites, you will be protected!

We usually submit 2 proposals to our clients to choose from. Best Termites Control always maintains a very high technical understanding to all site satiations and needs. We always endeavour to submit the best and most efficient termite protection systems to suite our clients’ budgets.

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We provide professional termites control services in Doncaster. Doncaster is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 15 km north-east of Melbourne's Central Business District. Its local government area is the City of Manningham. Best Termites Control is dedicated to providing customers in Melbourne and surrounding areas with termite control service for a fair and reasonable price. Our goals at Best Termites Control are to provide a family-oriented home pest control service that focused on 3 things:

Affordability: because getting superior pest control service at a price that is right is important

Safety: because ensuring that, families, their homes and their pets remain safe is important.

Reliability: because doing excellent job the first time is important


Are you worried your home may be susceptible to termites? But you are not too sure what to do about it? We have the perfect solutions for you.
We focus on dealing with any current or potential pest problems, making sure to treat and monitor those areas where termites are likely to enter to home. Our technicians will provide you with a complete inspection and evaluation for termites’ control. If we find you have a termite infestation, we will discuss with you the appropriate treatment and give you a fair and honest cost estimate.

 Termatrac termite inspection in Doncaster

Termatrac termite inspection

This solution combines the three technologies in order to detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites:
1. Detection Radar
2. Sensor with Laser Guide
3. Moisture Sensor

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging is the most effective tool pinpointing areas of termites’ infestation and enables us to quickly and cost-effectively scale large buildings and areas that is out of reach our hands. so we can easily detect the termites loaction.

 Thermal Imaging Camera in Doncaster
Pre-Construction Control in Doncaster

Pre-Construction Control

Best Termites Control is accredited registered installer of HomeGuard Termite Barrier, and listed on the HomeGuard website as the professional termite protection service provider in Doncaster.

Chemical Control

Best Termites Control uses only the best quality termite control products. All our chemical treatments are approved under Australian Standards so you can be confident of a safe and quality outcome.

Chemical Control in Doncaster
Fast Quotes about Termites Control in Doncaster

Fast Quotes

Best termites Control can provide all our customers with an accurate detailed quote for all jobs including termite treatment to new construction site, extension project, inspection and treatment.

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Best Termites Control technicians are trained and in state certified, so no more worrying about termites, you will be protected!
So, what are you waiting for? Call us or fill in the Best Termites Control quick contact form to schedule your custom home inspection today.

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  • 18 Gladstone Road Dandenong 3175 VIC, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1800 780 820
  • Best Termites Control can provide all our customers with an accurate detailed quote for all jobs including termite treatment to new construction site, extension project, inspection and treatment for existing home and pre – Purchase inspection.
    The best if you can email us with Architectural plans for the new house or extension and we can promise you with immediate response with quote. We can assure our customers that our prices are very competitive without compromising on providing the best available protection system.

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